3. Management Members



Introducing our founders and scientific & technical adviser

Management by experienced personnel with experience in antibody drug discovery venture business development
Team with scientific and technical capabilities and clinical collaboration by leading experts in oncology, phototherapy, and antibody drugs


Takao Hamakubo, Ph.D., MD
Founder, Representative Director
iTAP technical guidance, antibody medicine and immunology guidance
Ph.D. at Kyoto University School of Medicine. Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo. Formerly a professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, and a professor at the Institute for Advanced Medical sciences, Nippon Medical School before assuming his current position. Fields of biochemical research, developing methods for analyzing membrane protein expression and antibody production. A leading expert in the development of antibody drugs.

Yasuhiko Bando
Founder, Director
Company management, business development, novel target discovery (proteogenomics)
MSA at St. Michael’s College (US). He has established several biotechnology-related companies since 1987 and has been challenging new models of drug discovery based on these analytical technologies, which are attracting worldwide attention. He has collaborated with many overseas companies, including Lund University (Sweden), and has a laboratory at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, where he is bringing new results in drug screening technology and clinical proteogenomics.

Nobuyuki Tanaka
Founder, Director
Company management, business development
Nobuyuki Tanaka holds a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Science Fundamentals) at the University of Tokyo, and became a director of software developer Dream Technologies in 2002, where he achived M&As and corporate restructuring, and experienced business responsibilities in multiple industries. After working in new business development and consulting, he has been the representative of Early Reflection, Inc. since 2014. Incubation of scientific and technological seeds.

Makoto Yamada
Company management, business development
Plural experience in marketing and business development in Japanese pharmaceutical company. In DEFTA Partners, his responsibility included investments and hands-on supports for biotech startups. Now he is in charge of BD in pharmaceutical company.


Hitoshi Matsuda
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Audits of venture companies and listed companies
After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Law, Hitoshi Matsuda worked at the head office and overseas offices of Mitsui & Co. After retirement, he served as a representative executive officer of a listed company and then as a full-time auditor and outside auditor of a listed company. He specializes in venture support in the fields of biotechnology and advanced technology.

Technical Advisor

Harubumi Kato, Ph.D., MD
Science and Technology Advisor
PDT technical support, clinical trial guidance
Director, Japan Lung Cancer Research Center Director Emeritus, Niiza Shiki Central General Hospital Professor of Respiratory Surgery, Tokyo Medical University before assuming his current position. He is a world authority on lung cancer treatment. Inventor and leader of photodynamic therapy (PDT), a laser therapy for early-stage lung cancer, and recipient of the Gold Medal Award at the 17th International Photodynamic Society.

Michio Ichimura Ph.D.
Science and Technology Advisor
Development Strategy
Completed the Master’s Program at the Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University. Joined the former Kyowa Hakko (present Kyowa Kirin) and engaged in drug discovery through early clinical trials. Subsequently worked at the former Kyowa Medex (present Minalis Medical) as the head of research, development for diagnostics, and management responsibilities. Specializes in drug discovery and diagnostics development based on biochemistry and pharmacology.